Another blog for the internet.

So I did a thing.

I started a blog. Again. Sort of? In a state of sleep deprivation induced confidence I bought the domain, created a Facebook page (or 3),made a separate Instagram account and told the world about something that had zero content- I hadn’t even deleted the first WordPress, “welcome to this space” post before doing all of that. Also, as Ben kindly pointed out, I used a picture of our daughters crotch for my first picture. Sleep deprived Alicia only noticed the polka dots. What was I thinking?

Truthfully, this is an idea that I’ve been mulling about for a while. Those of you that have been around me know that “mulling” is not what I actually do- I move first, think later. I had (had is key) actually been wanting to do this differently, I wanted to have a solid plan for this before acting on it. I didn’t want to jump into something that I couldn’t sustain or didn’t believe in. We were on the way to a plan; Ben (my husband) and I sat down and talked a little about what this would look for our family (the whole sharing our lives on the internet thing), what my goals were etc.. It was becoming more than just a thought, we were mulling it together. Ben left for hockey Friday evening and 87% of me said, “it’s time. DO THIS NOW”. Act first, think later. 33% mulling Alicia had no chance.

So, here we are again; thinking after. What is the point of all this? What am I actually trying to accomplish. Whyyyyyyyyy did I post about it so soon?!

The point of this. There is one, really. A big one is something that lumps me in a big category of people my age… hint it’s the m-word. As a millennial I believe that I have stuff to say and that it is true. Just kidding. Sort of. Not in the “look at me, I’ve figured it out” sense (because I haven’t). I don’t have it all together and I don’t want to be a resounding gong in an already saturated market of opinions. However, I am a product of my generation and I DO think I have things to say that are of value. I want to share with you some of the things that I do, reasons behind decisions that we make and to introduce others to people, places, and products that we believe in.

One thing that is important to me is shopping small and being cognizant of who gets my money. A few years ago my New Years goal was “A year of thrift” where I only bought things from thrift stores. For our wedding registry we registered at Bed Bath and Beyond but also at Ten Thousand Villages because we value supporting real people. Recently I’ve been switching our hair and body products to those made locally. While we cannot afford to replace everything we own with second hand or handmade, fair trade, local, ethically made things we are slowly making those decisions. I can also support things I believe in by telling others about them and spreading the word.

This year will mark the 5th anniversary of our wedding (whaaaaaaaa?) and the 27th birthday of my life. I have struggled with physical and mental health challenges; experienced bouts of depression and anxiety; I hated being pregnant but love our daughter from the moment she was born; lived life as a daughter, a sister, a friend, a preschool teacher, a person who struggles with self confidence, a Christian who sometimes (often) questions her faith, and now I’m living the mom life. Some of those experiences have been joyful, others painful, all of the have taught me things that I can share. In no way am I wanting to say I’ve figured everything out, on the contrary, I haven’t but maybe being open about it will help.

I had Ben read what I had written and he made a comment based on a sermon he had just listened to – already but not yet. All of those things listed above, I am them already. As I learn more about who I am, I become more but I am not yet. The moment we said, “I do” we became a husband and a wife but do we know all that marriage entails. I am already a mother but I am not yet the best mother I will be. When we surrender our lives to Jesus we are in him, but we are constantly becoming more like him. Already, not yet.

So, in all truthfulness, I’m really not sure where this will lead. The stuff I just wrote about is my foundation and how it builds up is anyone’s guess. I do have a few silly theme ideas: Bensday Wednesday, Secondhand Sunday and Things Thursday. (If those are unbearable cheesy please let me know now before I embarrass myself on the internet too badly….) Full disclosure, part of me hopes that this takes off so that I don’t have to go back to work after mat leave… but there’s a big whole world of unfamiliar territory and hard work to cross for that to be a reality. For now, this is just for fun.

Little thoughts, little ideas. Little choices. Little memories, little stories. Little babies. Little things, little places. Little life. Welcome to Our Little Living blog.

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