Milner Valley Cheese


Milner Valley Cheese-2If you have eaten with us a few times than you would most likely know that we love goat cheese. We love it. All kinds, chèvre, feta, fancy expensive ones with names that not coming to mind, all kinds.

It didn’t used to be this way. I actually thought goat cheese was super gross, the tangy flavour was not so pleasant for my “marble” cheese pallet. Then I discovered that I couldn’t eat cows milk dairy but goat and sheep milk products were okay. When you can’t cheese you find a way to cheese and goat cheese was the way! If our budget is tight, or if we haven’t been to Costco for a while then it’s still considered a splurge but most of the time we’ll have one form or another in our fridge. Because cheese.

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Last week a friend asked if I had been to the goat farm nearby and while I knew exactly what she was talking about my answer was no. I’d driven by it (well, the off road to it and I’d seen the street sign) before, but had yet to stopped in. I love buying local things and I love goat cheese and food so what could be a better combo

The inside of the little farm gate shop was super cute. There was fridge filled with goat milk and other things that I don’t remember, a freezer with lamb, a table with locally made goat milk soap, some honey (I think?), and a display with some of their hard cheeses. Also samples. Not just one sample out, but three! Weeeee! Fun day.

There were two options for ice-cream (technically gelato though, I think?): chocolate and sugar-free raspberry. Ben got a cup with the raspberry and I got both. The chocolate was enjoyable although a little bit more icy than the raspberry which was was super creamy, soft and just slightly tart. Even with spoons our fingers were appropriately sticky afterwards. I didn’t pay and wasn’t paying attention to the prices but I think it was quite reasonable, especially for something snazzy like farm fresh goat milk ice-cream. I could check our cc statement if anybody reaaaally needs to know.
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I also didn’t catch the name of the lady serving us (I don’t think I asked… probably why). She mentioned that it’s a family run farm and mentioned that we were welcome to sit outside and check out the barn where they milk the goats and also see the mamas with their not-so-little-anymore baby goats (kids? thats what baby goats are right?). There were a few other people who showed up with their own (human) kids to check out the goats while we were there.

Untitled designAll in all we were there for <40 minutes, a great little date. A short little trip into the country. I’ll definitely be back again, for ice-cream and for sure if we feel like extra splurging on fancy cheese. Thanks Karen for giving me the idea to check it out 🙂 Check out their website, for their hours (also they’re only open Tuesday – Saturday), social media info and more cute pictures of goats.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset





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