For the love of thrifting

I love a good thrift store. For a long time the only ones I knew of were the big name ones – VV, Talize, Salvation Army ect. 6 or 7(?) years ago my New Years resolution was to commit to buying only second hand clothes for a whole year. We didn’t quite last the whole year but we did discover new places to thrift and consign.

When I think that I know about all the local places it seems that’s when I find something new. For example, just the other day we stumbled upon another one. We were on our way to Black Tiger Coffee… like in the parking lot on our way… when we saw a sign for ‘For the love of thrifting.’ Did I want to go in, he asked? Yes. Yes I did.

When you walk in there’s a shelf on the right with some home accessory things. Some plates, tea pots, candles, picture frames… pretty standard. The jeans were organize on a table by size which was awesome. (Was tempted to just grab the whole stack of my size to try on. Didn’t because it was just a recon mission). They had a rack for new arrivals. There was a ladies plus sized section, a kids section (clothing and a few toys) as well as a mens section.

Kids stuff.

Stacks of pants plus a baby- not for sale.

Ben was pleasantly surprised with the offerings in the men’s section. His words, “there wasn’t anything in my size that I wanted but what they did have was worth coming back to peruse through again.” In the highlights of what he saw there were 2 like-new lululemon shirts, a new lululemon shirt with tags, and an icebreaker merino button down.

I was curious about how long this store had been there – a year and a half. I also asked the lady there if she was the owner. Nope. Volunteer. Turns out it’s also in support of the City Dream Center which I knew nothing about until I went and scrolled through their site. Sounds like their doing some good work in the Lower Mainland.

I realized why I’d never been here. It’s in the complex on Fraser hwy and 64th, you know the one, the blah looking beige yellow condo/ shopping complex? Well, turns out I’m a bit snobby and don’t go to places that don’t look pretty. Okay. Not really. It wasn’t entirely intentionally, I just didn’t know there was anything there that I would have wanted to go to. There is now!

Happy thrifting and community supporting everyone 🙂 let me know if you end up checking it out!

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