Indestructible books

Things I didn’t know about babies: episode paper.

I knew that babies live to chew. It’s a natural fir babies to stick things in their mouth. Partially because it helps comfort their sore gums but also because oral exploration is a huge part of sensory development for babies. Textures and whatnot. As an ECE, I knew that.

What I didn’t know is that paper seems to be hugely fascinating for some. Paper. I suppose it does check a bunch of boxes- has a taste, makes a fun sound, changed texture when wet, and usually has bold patterns or text on it. So fun!

Now that the little lady has figured out how to crawl she seems to be able to pinpoint and beeline to any and all types of paper found on the ground. I’ve caught her with receipts in her mouth, napkins, tags from clothing, boxes and newspaper. As much as I’m all for free exploration, paper is gross – mostly the ink and how it disintegrated into a gazillion little pieces. We probably need to stop leaving things on the ground.

So. Baby loves paper. But real paper gets destroyed by baby spit and ends up in pieces in her mouth (and dye). I knew that there had to be a solution and my best guess was some sort of book that was impervious to the destructive powers of baby claws and gums.

Turns out there is! I headed to chapters and sat down in their baby book section.

I didn’t know this but now I do, Chapters carries a line of books that are actually called, “Indestructibles“. Their tag line is “Rip proof. Chew proof. 100% Washable.” Perfect. There were only a few at my local store but I picked up one. Make sure you look carefully in the textured books section, because they’re small they would be really easy to miss if you weren’t sitting down on the floor looking at each book option one at a time… Bens mom also found some at a hardware store in Osoyoos. So they exist elsewhere as well.

It’s a perfect solution to our paper eating problems.

Happy reading! I mean, happy eating!

Oh. Also someone did tell me that there is something out there called “Baby paper” which I will have to check out as well! But for now this book works 🙂

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