Not for Long – Children’s & Maternity Boutique

Before I had Elenor my knowledge of baby things and baby friendly stores was basically at zero. Over the last few months I’ve been discovering more and more (not so hidden) gems of places to buy stuff for the little lady. While I can’t say always practice what I preach, I do love to buy things that are made locally or from small businesses / stores in my community. Having a baby has opened my eyes to even more wonderful little places around town that I want to frequent. I’m super pumped to share some of them with you here over the next little while.

First stop, a lovely consignment store in South Surrey, BC: Not for Long – Children’s & Maternity Consignment Boutique.


I actually discovered this store during my pregnancy days. I was dessssppeerrattteee for some good fitting maternity clothes that didn’t cost a gazillion dollars. Found them here!  If you go inside and all the way to the back, there is a small, but well stocked section of maternity (and some nursing) clothes. Jackets, pants, shirts etc, all consignment items. It didn’t look like much at first but I remember walking out with 3 new pairs of pants and 2 shirts that I was actually looking forward to wearing. Maternity clothes for the WIN.

As the name suggests, they also have children consignment. A nice selection of … well… kids clothes haha. I enjoy shopping there as it’s not overly overwhelming. Instead of rows and rows of stuff to sort through they have tidy little pods of clothing, sorted by age, to peruse. There is a small shelf with consignment books to peek at as well.


Additionally they sell new items. Clothes, swaddles, lunch boxes, dishes, Natives shoes… (so many shoes!) consignment shoes, sleep sacks and more. When we were there this time I picked up two new Jax&Lennon shirts for Elenor that were 25% off and a consignment onsie bodysuit thing.

I have yet to bring anything there to consign – they only accept a few drops per season and I don’t have enough yet that it would be worth it.  I need to wait a while for Elenor to actually outgrow things and then I’ll see if I can make an appointment sometime next year.


  • maternity consignment
  • children’s consignment
  • a shop small shop
  • carries local brands
  • emphasis on small baby items and accessories


  • new baby clothes
  • consignment baby clothes
  • maternity clothes
  • diaper cream
  • … more clothes, basically just clothes but I haven’t needed anything else that they carried at the time of my visits


  1. Friendly
  2. Affordable
  3. Relaxed



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