Langley Farmers Market


I have driven past the Langley Campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University more times than I could even begin to count. If you’ve also driven past it you may have noticed a little sign that says, “Farmers Market May – October” (or something like that). If you’ve driven past on a Wednesday you may have even noticed the tents set up in the courtyard or additional, “Farmers Market Today” signs. I saw them, and drove past for years and would say to myself, “I’d love to go… maybe next time.” Next time. Next time. Next time. Well, I’m excited to tell you that I finally went and it’s awesome!


Today was our third time going; I’m hoping that Wednesday Marketday will be a thing that I continue to do all season long. I’d love for you to join me (or go on your own of course!). This market is pretty standard farmers market style, tents for the vendors, often someone playing music, a welcome table at the beginning, but if you’ve never been to one, or haven’t in a while here are a few tips to get you ready.

    I like bringing reusable bags to carry my wares around. I’ve also seen people with lovely wicker baskets that are a bit more structured for some of the softer items you might find. Also, unlike a grocery store, there aren’t usually plastic produce bags hanging around each stall so if you like to keep your green onions separate from your chicken you may want to bring some smaller bags to hold individual items.
  2. $$$$$$$
    A farmers market can sometimes feel like a little costco – samples everywhere!! You can try the things and walk away but if you find yourself suckered in by the samples and actually want to buy something, you’ll need cash. Maybe. It is up to each vendor for what forms of payment they accept. Some are cash only while others accept credit cards. Additionally you can purchase market dollars at the welcome booth to use (and perhaps help stick to your budget when you get tempted by all of the things).
    While this isn’t mandatory, it certainly will help make your experience better. The people under each tent are actually people. They are at that market to sell a product that they have worked hard to create (harvest, make, bake, etc) and there is always a story behind the how and the why if you take the time to ask and listen.
    …. I didn’t know what to title this one but what I mean is to pay attention to the order you buy things. Don’t buy the delicate flowers or soft loaf of bread first and then struggle to keep them from getting squashed under everything else in your bag (this is also where a basket is handy). If you buy something frozen first and then spend another hour wandering around the market it’s probably not going to be frozen when you get home. Sometimes you can ask a vendor to hold something for you and then pick it up at the end, that way your not stuck carrying something that could get squished, or something really heavy around with you the entire time.

Also, it might help to have a few more specifics.

  • Kwantlen has free parking for market goers (I think just on the west side of the lot, follow the signs)
  • More information about the Langley Community Farmers Markets:  –> here <–
  • To ‘like’ the Langley Community Farm market on Facebook: –> here <–
  • To ‘follow’ … on instagram: –> here <–
  • Also if you live elsewhere in British Columbia and want to find a market in your community click –> here <– for the BC Association of Farmers Markets website.

See you at the market sometime? And I just remembered, as I was adding pictures, next time I go I’ll need to bring a blanket. I like to let Elenor have some time to crawl around before I stick her back in the carset, I also like to sit and eat some of my snacks but the sling is not quite big enough for the two of us 🙂 So there’s another tip: If you have time, bring a blanket to sit for a while afterwards. And let me know how it goes!

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