Pregnancy and the internet

Pregnancy. Apparently there are some people have it easy or embrace the changes and actually enjoy being pregnant. I was not one of those people. I spent more time in bed than I’d like to admit. Some of it was spent sleeping but often I was just lying there in an attempt to muster up energy to get something done, or trying relieve the swelling in my legs, or giving my hips a break from the shooting pain while waking. We spent a lot of time in bed. While in bed, ee spent a lot of time on the internet looking for reassurance that pregnancy was rough and for something that could help us understand what we were experiencing. (I saw we but Elenor was really just a happy camper the whole time).

There was lots to be found! Here are two of my favourites that helped me stay sane throughout the journey.

Numero uno: Pregnant chicken


I stumbled upon this website while looking for reviews on a few products and stuck around because it was hilarious. The memes on the Facebook page were so accurate and the blog posts just nailed everything perfectly- some definitely more practical but always with humor. It’s also continued to be relatedable as we’ve journeyed through breastfeeding, sleep training, teething, and outings with baby.

Here’s something that I appreciated reading, the Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist which, I’ll admit, I would have been more prepared for baby if I had actually followed the advice beyond #19. But it was good to have in the back of my mind.

Numero dos: Alpha Mom Pregnancy Calandar


There are a lot of little calendars out there to follow along during pregnancy. This one was the funniest and I looked forward to reading it each week. There were a few weeks that I didn’t relate to but it seemed like every new week was right on point. She also has handy tips for your registry and the hospital bag – which again, I would have benefited from actually following the advice. Whoops.

I’ve also found the Alpha Mom has continued to be a useful and hilarious. This post about How To Take a Shower is very much relatable!!!

These two sites were by far the ones I checked the most (well, true if were not including the what to expect app, which were not because it’s an app) during pregnancy and continue to be helpful for my sanity during this postpartum, newborn life.

Newborn life? She’s going to be 7 months old tomorrow……… how? But I guess that means she’s not a newborn anymore. What do you call them next, infants?

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